Compensations Limited by the Defendant's Maximum Policy Amount

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Compensations-Limited-by-the-Defendants-Maximum-Policy-Amount.jpgThe defendant found guilty in a personal injury case will have to pay for a number of compensations, including but not limited to medical bills. Finding out whether or not he/she has an insurance policy that can cover for these expenses is a legitimate concern after having negotiated for a settlement amount. One of our Los Angeles personal injury attorneys can help you find out if the defendant can pay the settlement.

Finding out the defendant’s policy limit

The defendant is under no obligation to disclose his insurance policy limit until after a personal injury lawsuit was filed. Nevertheless, the plaintiff may find out what that limit is if the insurance company decides to disclose this information if the value of your medical claim is significantly larger than the policy. If this is not the case and the defendant does have a large insurance coverage, he and the company may refuse to disclose the limit so that the plaintiff may be unaware that the amount is a large one. 
The defendant is required to answer a number of questions, including information about his or her insurance company after the lawsuit was filed. 
The plaintiff will be at an advantage if he does find out the defendant’s insurance policy limit before negotiating the settlement. One of the Los Angeles personal injury attorneys can help you talk to the insurance claim adjusters and balance out the policy limit with your settlement.

Negotiating the settlement amount 

You should negotiate the settlement amount after you have included all the expenses associated with the accident. Even if it the situation in which your total medical costs are larger than the defendant’s policy value is not a good scenario, you should include all of the medical bills and provide them to the insurance company as they are issued. 
A Los Angeles personal injury attorney can help you write a notification letter demanding to know the insurance policy coverage right from the start. This is a good approach if the policy limit is significantly lower than the final medical expenses: this way, both the client and the attorney will know how to approach the case if the defendant is unable to pay.
You can contact our Los Angeles personal injury attorneys for more information on representation in court and while negotiating with the defendant. 


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