Compensations for Soft Injuries

Written by: Editor

For the purpose of a personal injury case, soft injuries are those sustained by muscles, tendons or ligaments. These can be the result of a trauma sustained in a car crash or a serious slip and fall. The compensations for soft injuries will generally be lower than those for more serious ones and a comparison is often made in personal injury cases for the purpose of calculating the damages. One of our Los Angeles personal injury attorneys can help you claim compensation for these less serious and often ignored types of injuries.

Types of soft injuries

Soft injuries refer to those damages sustained to soft tissue in the body. They include sprains, strains or contusions and do not include fractures. In general, they are not treated through surgical procedures but nevertheless, they can be debilitating and alter one’s capacity to work and earn wages.
An example of soft tissue injury is a herniated disk from a car accident. This will most likely cause severe back pain and pain in the neck or legs. Victims of vehicle accidents or other types of accidents should seek immediate medical care if they experience soft tissue pain, even though the first impulse is to disconsider the importance of such an injury.
The insurance claim adjuster could try to minimize the importance of your claim in case of soft injuries. This is why we recommend that you talk to one of our Los Angeles personal injury attorneys for advice regarding negotiations for obtaining a rightful compensation.

Damages for personal injuries

When calculating the damages for the personal injuries sustained in an accident, victims should take into account the medical bills associated with treating soft tissue injuries. These can be calculated in addition to any serious injuries.
Plaintiffs can start by using a personal injury calculator in order to have a better image of what they should include in their damages claim. The value of the claim should be in line with the severity of the injuries and it should be a realistic one – this will increase your chances of obtaining the settlement and it does not mean that you should settle for less than you deserve.
You can contact our Los Angeles personal injury attorneys for detailed information on preparing and submitting the demand letter and negotiating for obtaining compensations.