Can You Obtain Compensations for Mental Anguish after an Accident?

Written by: Editor

Compensations for mental anguish are awarded as a means of making up for the manner in which the accident affected the victim on a mental level. Depression, severe anxiety, extreme grief are all examples of what can qualify as mental anguish. When you are looking to obtain these types of non-economic damages, one of our Los Angeles personal injury lawyers can help you.

Who can make a claim for compensations for mental anguish?

Mental anguish is a heightened form of emotional suffering that can occur after personal injury cases. Some examples would include those that involve medical malpractice or even defamation cases because of the impact the event has on the life of the victim. 
The monetary value for mental anguish will be harder to quantify, and the victim will need to observe the Californian laws regarding the caps on some types of damages, like the ones for medical malpractice. One of our Los Angeles personal injury lawyers can help you with detailed information.

How can the victim support his mental anguish claim?

The compensation for mental anguish will be added to that of the physical pain that can be awarded under a non-economic damage. However, the burden of proof falls unto the victim who will need to show that type of pain is severe and, in some cases, incapacitating. Examples include clinical depression, severe disappointment or public humiliation – all of which are preventing the victim to live and to work as he used to before the accident. A direct link between the occurrence of the accident and the mental anguish will need to be proved with evidence such ass testimonies from psychologists, the treating physician, etc. when the victim cannot meet this requirement to prove the mental anguish by a preponderance of evidence, then they will not be able to recover damages for it.
If you suffer from mental anguish as a direct result of an accident you were involved in, please contact our team of personal injury lawyers in Los Angeles. We can help you prove the fact that you have been suffering and obtain the rightful compensation.