Can You Change Your Lawyer in a Personal Injury Case?

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Can-You-Change-Your-Lawyer-in-a-Personal-Injury-Case.jpgThe legal process can seem a bit daunting for plaintiffs in a personal injury case, especially if it is their first attempt at obtaining compensations after an accident. While in most cases the help of an attorney is essential, if he is not experienced enough or does not have your best interest in mind, your case may benefit more if you fire your current lawyer. Can you do this even as the case is taken to court? Our Los Angeles personal injury attorneys answer your questions.

Reasons to consider changing your lawyer

The relationship between the client and his lawyer is important to the outcome of the case, but as any relationship between two individuals, it can be subject to misunderstandings and tension. If you feel that one of the following situations apply, then it is best to consider changing your lawyer in a personal injury case.
If you do not communicate well with your lawyer it may be simply because he/she does not keep you informed as often as you would like or as you explicitly asked to. Likewise, you may simply have a poor relationship if you are not in full agreement. Another situation is when you start to doubt the competence of your attorney. This should not be the case if you researched his case record well before choosing a personal injury lawyer.
The lawyer’s first and foremost goal is to obtain a satisfactory settlement for his client. Some lawyer, including our Los Angeles personal injury attorneys, will not ask for payment until you have received the final settlement. However, not all lawyer work the same and some may have their own profit in mind.

How to start looking for a new Los Angeles personal injury attorney

If you feel that your current lawyer is not qualified enough to handle your case, you can politely suggest that he or she recommend you another colleague who is familiar with the laws and regulations in a particular legal field or type of accident. For example, some lawyers specialize in medical malpractice while other may know more about the shared fault cases in California. 
If you do not trust your lawyer, the most suitable step is to find another lawyer and end the current lawyer-client relation.
You can contact our Los Angeles personal injury attorneys if you need more information or want to know more about how we can help you. 


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