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What Happens if You Try to Fraud the Insurance System About a Personal Injury


Insurance fraud takes place when an individual or company tries to obtain a benefit or advantages that should not be theirs or when they try to deny such benefit or advantage to which another individual or company is entitled. This type of fraud can occur in auto accidents and victims of personal injury accidents should know when or if they are entitled to claim insurance benefits so that they can avoid falling into one of the situations that are considered fraudulent in California. One of our Los Angeles personal injury lawyers can help you with adequate legal counseling if you are trying to claim insurance benefits.

Maximum Medical Improvement in a Personal Injury Case


Maximum medical improvement after a personal injury accident is reached when the victim can no longer develop a further improved health state. This means that the condition of the individual is now stable and he can pursue a legal claim for the injuries. This term is especially relevant in worker compensation claims. One of our Los Angeles personal injury attorneys can help you claim compensations once your medical condition has improved.

Who is Responsible for Child Bicycle Accidents?


Bicycle accidents are not uncommon, especially in highly transited urban areas like Los Angeles and other Californian cities. Injuries occurred after this type of accident can range in severity, however, the nature of the case becomes more sensitive when the victim is a child, a minor. When children suffer bicycle accidents, and not the simple knee scratches, who is to blame and who can be accused of negligence? Our team of Los Angeles personal injury lawyers can assist parents and their children who have been injured while they were out and bout on their bicycles.