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The Complexity of Traumatic Brain Injury Cases

Brain injury cases are some of the most complex ones that can result in a personal injury accident. The nature of these injuries makes it harder to detect them in the first place and, even more, it makes it difficult to assess their full impact. As a result, it is often challenging to calculate the settlement based on how the victim’s life will be altered by the brain injury. Our team of Los Angeles personal injury lawyers can assist you in brain injury cases.

The Independent Medical Examination Requested by the Defendant


In personal injury cases, the victim can state that his or her physical and mental health and integrity have been compromised because of the accident. When this happens, the defendant can request an independent medical examination, meaning that the plaintiff will need to undergo specific procedures performed by a medical professional hired by the defendant. The help of one of our Los Angeles personal injury lawyers can be important when preparing the meeting with this examiner so that your claim should not suffer following this additional investigation.