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New Laws for the Use of Recreational Drugs in California


Starting on January 1st, 2018, recreational marijuana became legal in California. While it may seem that this changes the manner in which personal injury lawyers in Los Angeles will treat vehicle accidents caused by drug abuse from now it is still very important to note that using the recreational drug while driving or driving under the influence is still punishable by law. 

How are Settlements Awarded in Case of Victims Who are Minors?


When the personal injury victim is a minor (a child under the age of 18), the monetary settlements that will be awarded for him or her need to be approved by Court and a guardian will also be appointed by the Court in order to commence the legal actions and follow the best interest of the child. Our team of Los Angeles personal injury lawyers can help you if a minor child has been the victim of a personal injury accident and monetary compensations are pursued after the accident.

Making a Claim Against a Security Guard


Although less common among personal injury cases that include assault and battery, physical attacks by bouncers and security guards can leave the victims with substantial victims, particularly because these agents are trained to defuse a fight or an altercation. Patrons who are attacked by a security guard or a club bouncer with no justifiable cause are entitled to compensations for the medical bills. Our team of Los Angeles personal injury lawyers can help represent in in these types of cases, especially if you are having a difficult time getting you claim through.