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Should You Take Pictures After a Vehicle Accident?


The evidence is important in all personal injury cases, especially in vehicle accidents where you will need to prove how the other driver was negligent. Many victims of vehicle or truck accidents don’t know how to gather evidence or whether or not they should take pictures of the accident scene. Our Los Angeles personal injury attorneys tell you how you should gather evidence after a crash.

Can You Change Your Lawyer in a Personal Injury Case?

The legal process can seem a bit daunting for plaintiffs in a personal injury case, especially if it is their first attempt at obtaining compensations after an accident. While in most cases the help of an attorney is essential, if he is not experienced enough or does not have your best interest in mind, your case may benefit more if you fire your current lawyer. Can you do this even as the case is taken to court? Our Los Angeles personal injury attorneys answer your questions.

Why You Should Pay Attention to Product Recalls


Paying attention to product recalls is important because it can help your ongoing personal injury case or it can, in fortunate cases, prevent you from being involved in one. A well-known example of the dangers of defective vehicles involves the death of young actor Anton Yelchin. You can talk to one of our Los Angeles personal injury attorneys to find out more about how you can use a recall notice as evidence in your case.

Personal Injuries Caused by Scaffolding Accidents


Scaffolding accidents are a cause of injury among construction workers. Scaffolding is commonly used on many construction sites and, if the site managers fail to perform the due diligence needed to install the structure, the workers can suffer. A Los Angeles personal injury attorney can help you if you were involved in a scaffolding accident and are unsure how you can claim compensation or whether or not you should use the worker’s compensation plan

Types of Wrongful Death Cases


Civil wrongful death lawsuits can be filed in California by the family members of an individual who was murdered or assaulted or who died as the result of someone else’s negligence. This condition, for the death to have occurred as someone else’s fault, is mandatory. Our Los Angeles personal injury attorneys can help you understand how you can file a wrongful death lawsuit if someone you love died as the result of another individual’s mistakes or actions.

Vehicle Accidents Caused by Drowsy Driving

Drowsy driving is an important cause of fatal vehicle accidents not only in California but throughout the United States. If you or someone you love was injured or killed in a car crash, drowsy driving can be the cause of the accident and the driver can be held liable for negligence. One of our Los Angeles personal injury attorneys can help you learn more about making a claim for drowsy driving in a vehicle accident.


Recovering Damages When the Defendant Can't Pay Them


Plaintiffs in vehicle accidents have several options to recover their losses even when the defendant was not necessarily negligent. However, the case may call for a different claim when the defendant was negligent but is currently bankrupt and unable to cover the plaintiff’s settlement. When the defendant files for bankruptcy the case is stalled. Find out how you can handle such a situation from our Los Angeles personal injury attorneys

How to Obtain Compensation when the Other Party is Not Guilty


Vehicle accidents are not always caused by driver negligence. So how can you obtain compensation for your injuries and damages if the other driver is not guilty? You have several options and one of our Los Angeles personal injury attorneys can help you explore if these situations apply to your case.