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Personal Injuries Caused by Elevator Accidents


Elevator accidents can result in minor or moderate bodily harm but can also cause severe or catastrophic injuries when the elevator car malfunctions. Dramatic events would include falling down the shaft while less severe ones can be interpreted as slip and falls or door accidents. Regardless of the severity and the manner in which they occur, elevator accidents could be prevented by observing the applicable safety standards. Failure to do so can mean that the building owner was negligent and can be accused of the accident. One of our Los Angeles personal injury attorneys can help you prove negligence in elevator accidents.

Can a Criminal Record Influence the Outcome of the Personal Injury Case?


A criminal record has the potential to influence your personal injury case although it does not necessarily mean that it will substantially reduce the compensation. Cases in which the plaintiff has a criminal record will be discussed in a different light, particularly if the case goes to court and it is up to the judge and jury to decide the degree of negligence and the final amount of compensation. One of our Los Angeles personal injury attorneys can help you handle a personal injury case if a criminal record hinders your case and the settlement you are able to obtain for your injuries.

Aggravated Liability in Car Accidents

Aggravated liability in vehicle accidents refers to those cases in which the driver was, apart from being negligent, behaving in a reckless manner. This will typically include driving under the influence and distracted driving. Road rage and other dangerous behavior can also mean that the plaintiff can invoke aggravated liability. One of the Los Angeles personal injury attorneys can help you understand how to base your case on the defendant’s outrageous behavior.

Personal Injury Cases Dismissed in Court


Plaintiffs who decide to start a lawsuit and take all of the needed steps to make the formal complaint do not expect that their case will be dismissed even before they have the chance to present their evidence. Although this scenario does not apply in all personal injury cases, it is possible for the case to be rejected by the judge or for the defendant to make a request to dismiss your case. An option, in this case, is to talk to an experienced Los Angeles personal injury attorney in order to determine a suitable manner to handle the situation and give you the chance to obtain compensations.

How to Handle Car Accidents Caused by Elderly Drivers

Vehicle accidents in California can happen for a number of reasons and age it not necessarily a defining factor. However, although they are not explicitly prohibited from driving, elderly vehicle owners should comply with the California Department of Motor Vehicles requirements for physical and cognitive functions and the use of medication while driving. If you are involved in a vehicle accident caused by a senior driver you can ask one of the Los Angles personal injury attorneys for help.

Compensations Limited by the Defendant's Maximum Policy Amount


The defendant found guilty in a personal injury case will have to pay for a number of compensations, including but not limited to medical bills. Finding out whether or not he/she has an insurance policy that can cover for these expenses is a legitimate concern after having negotiated for a settlement amount. One of our Los Angeles personal injury attorneys can help you find out if the defendant can pay the settlement.

Types of Compensations You May Not have Considered to Ask For


As a victim of a personal injury, you are entitled to a number of compensations. In most cases, these will cover general expenses like the medical bills, property damage and lost wages during the recovery period. A common compensation is also that for pain and suffering. However, in some cases, there are some types of compensations you may not have thought about. Our Los Angeles personal injury attorneys highlight these types of additional compensation. 

New Rules for Using the Mobile Phone while Driving in California


New rules apply as of 2017 for drivers who use their mobile phones while driving in California. The new law entered into effect on January 1, 2017, after being signed by the California Governor in late September last year. The amended law does not prohibit all and any use of a mobile or smartphone device while driving, even if it is for orientation purposes. This change will influence the manner in which liability and negligence and taken into consideration in vehicle accidents. Individuals involved in a car crash after January 1 who were the victim of someone else’s negligence while driving can request the help of our Los Angeles personal injury attorneys

Large Settlement in an Eggshell Plaintiff Case in California


The eggshell plaintiff rule can come to the aid of those injured individuals who were already suffering from certain illnesses or already had certain characteristics that made them more fragile or prone to injuries. While it cannot apply in all cases, the hypothetical eggshell rule or the eggshell plaintiff rule can be used to the advantage of the plaintiff, especially when the lawyer can prove that the plaintiff is not using the rule as a manner of claiming compensations for existing injuries, which would not be permitted. To better illustrate this rule, we present a case that was judged by the Los Angeles Superior Court after a 65-year-old man was injured in a car accident. Plaintiffs who know that their health state allows for the use of the eggshell plaintiff rule can request the help of one of the Los Angeles personal injury attorneys.

Injuries Caused by Hotel Workers


When hotel guests are hurt by other individuals they have the right to claim compensation and seek justice for the criminal act that has been brought upon them. Assault or battery can take place in a hotel, especially in densely populated areas like Los Angeles. While the third party that commits the assault may or may not be connected to the hotel staff, the hotel owners have a duty of care towards their clients and should provide safe premises and conditions for staying. One of the Los Angeles personal injury attorneys who specialize in these types of crimes can provide you with adequate details.