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The Importance of Car Rental Insurance in Case of Personal Injuries


Many visitors choose to rent cars when in California and all car rental companies are required to offer an insurance which will cover both a possible victim and the damages caused to the vehicle in case of an accident. Understating the what a rental car insurance means is quite difficult, especially when you are not familiar with renting cars all the time. Below our Los Angeles personal injury attorneys explain what you should be looking when you rent a car and what you can do in case of a rental car accident.

How to Prove a Slip and Fall Accident in Los Angeles


Slip and fall accidents happen all the time and in all sorts of places. While some of them are easy and the personal injuries sustained are not significant, there is also the other side of the coin where the injuries are important and imply medical care. But how to determine liability in slip and fall accidents? Our Los Angeles personal injury attorneys will answer this and other relevant questions in the article below.

Landscaping Truck Accidents in Los Angeles


The desire of individuals of having nice gardens and of the authorities to offer beautiful landscapes in public parks has led to a rise in the number of accidents provoked by landscaping trucksPedestrians, bike riders and in some cases even car drivers get hit by these trucks which also operate on small streets. If you have suffered an accident caused by a landscaping truck, you can seek assistance from our L.A. personal injury attorneys.

Garbage Truck Accidents in Los Angeles


Even if it might seem like a joke, garbage trucks can cause severe personal injuries due to the lack of attention of the injured party or because of the poor visibility and the blind spots this type of trucks usually offer. The modernization of recycling and waste disposal trucks also has its downside, as these vehicles are built bigger and bigger in order to combine more services into one and thus the accident rates caused by these machines have also increased. Our Los Angeles personal injury attorneys can assist if you were hit by a garbage truck.

Personal Injuries Caused by Firearms in California


The number of personal injuries related to the use of firearms has increased considerably in the last few years. Even if California has one of the most stringent legislation on gun control and permits must be obtained in order to own and use a firearm deemed as “assault weapon”, accidents related to their use can happen. You are entitled to file a claim if you are injured by someone else using a gun and hurting you. However, you should hire Los Angeles personal injury attorneys before you take any action.


Why Is the Truth Important in a Personal Injury Case?


After suffering a personal injury, no matter its nature, it is your right to ask for compensation for the pain you went through. There are cases in which you will need assistance from Los Angeles personal injury attorneys in order to obtain the right settlement. In order to succeed and obtain the right compensation, there are things about your life you need to discuss with your lawyer before filing a suit for a personal injury in Los Angeles.

Litigation in Premises Accident Cases in L.A.


After suffering an accident on someone else’s property, your case could be categorized into a premises liability one. Even if it seems easy to prove such case by relying on negligence, in order to successfully increase your chances and your compensation, it is best to verify if you can use other elements which can make your case stronger. Our Los Angeles personal injury attorneys will help you obtain the right compensation if you have suffered a premises accident in California.

Personal Injuries Caused by the Use of Talcum Powder Products


Personal injuries can be divided into several categories and it is important to know that there are products which can harm individuals if used for long periods of time. One of these products is talcum powder which can be found in many baby care products. Not rarely our L.A. personal injury lawyers have dealt with long time health issues caused by using products which contained talcum powder.

Why Hire Lawyers when Involved in Car Accidents in Los Angeles?


Car accidents are one of the most common types of personal injuries both adults and children can suffer in California. Most of these cases start with a negotiation with the insurance company which tries to settle for a low amount and thus very often resulting in litigation. This is the time when the injured party hires Los Angeles personal injury attorneys to review his or her case and try to obtain a better settlement.

Wrongful Death Lawsuits after Personal Injuries in Los Angeles


Work accidents or any other types of incidents may result in the death of the victim and in most cases the family of the deceased will be compensated by the company or by the insurer. If the compensation package is bought, offering a settlement to the family is usually the normal course of case. However, the family is entitled to challenge the settlement if it depended on the deceased from a financial point of view. Our Los Angeles personal injury lawyers will explain below how to dispute a settlement and file a lawsuit for wrongful death.