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Liability for Lane-Splitting in Vehicle Accidents in L.A.


Comparative negligence is an important concept to consider when evaluating vehicle and motorcycle accidents in Los Angeles. Both drivers could be to blame for the accident and lane splitting is a common situation that leads to vehicle crashes on a motorway. A new lane-splitting bill could influence the manner in which the defendant and the plaintiff build their cases in a personal injury trial. One of our L.A. personal injury attorneys can give you complete information about the laws that may influence your case.

Proving Your Catastrophic Injury with the Help of a Solid Medical Record


In catastrophic injuries, perhaps even more so than in other personal injury cases, the medical record needs to show a clear picture of how the accident worsened your life. These injuries are traumatic ones and often leave the injured person in a state in which he cannot function as well as before the accident. The medical record needs to paint a very clear image of the before and the after in order for the plaintiff to have a chance at obtaining a significant compensation. The injury victim can request the legal aid provided by one of the Los Angeles personal injury attorneys for building and presenting a better case.

The Employer's Responsibility in a Work Related Injury Case


Workplace accidents are not uncommon and many employers know so. When injured while working you need to inform the employer of any work-related injuries. Individuals who were hurt while working and they are not liable for the injuries can claim compensations. If your employer refused to comply with the provisions of the worker’s compensation plan and you didn’t manage to claim your rightful compensation after the accident you can contact the Los Angeles personal injury attorneys who work in the city.