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Compensations for Mental Suffering after an Accident in LA


Mental suffering is a general term used to encompass the types of non-physical suffering the victim cane experience after an accident. When negotiating the compensations for a personal injury, plaintiffs can ask for monetary compensations but also the mental suffering they are going through and will sometimes have to deal with for a long time after the physical wounds are healed. These types of compensations require a different level of evidence and one of our Los Angeles personal injury attorneys can help you claim them. 

What to Avoid When Handling a Vehicle Accident Case


The information you share right after a vehicle accident can influence the manner in which the defense attorneys will present their case and even how far the insurance agent is willing to negotiate to award you a substantial compensation. If you feel unsure of how you should act or the steps to take immediately after an accident, it is highly recommended that you talk to an Los Angeles personal injury attorney.

The Economic Loss Rule in Personal Injury Cases


Economic losses are those damages calculated in personal injury cases that are perceived only for their monetary value, and not as an injury brought upon an individual or substantial damage brought to a property. These types of losses can occur in vehicle accidents with no victims or injured individuals, where the cars were merely damaged. The recovery of these damages is somewhat easier although sometimes limited. One of our Los Angeles personal injury attorneys can help assess your case and determine the amount of economic loss in your situation.

High Compensation for Bicyclist Brain Injury in California


Bicyclists can sustain severe and even traumatic injuries if involved in a vehicle accident in California. While most of those who choose this transportation method signal themselves properly and wear some protective gear, the impact is always more substantial on the part of the bicyclist. Injuries that are caused by such an accident can be settled in court for large amounts of compensation. Bicyclists who are involved in a car crashed and injured can claim monetary compensation with the help of one of our Los Angeles personal injury attorneys.

How to Look Out for Legal Malpractice in Personal Injury Cases


Legal malpractice can take various forms and it can also occur in cases that involve personal injury claims. The conduct of the attorney can determine the outcome of the case and his dedication is important in order for you to obtain a satisfactory verdict. Plaintiffs who have had undesirable experiences with an attorney can request legal aid from a second expert. Our Los Angeles personal injury lawyers have helped settle countless personal injury claims and are ready to provide you with adequate answers to all of your questions.

Homeowner's Insurance in Premises Liability Cases


When your home is hit by a disaster or by a fire, having insurance can help you cover the costs of the repair, in addition to what you can claim if the damages were caused by a man-made accident. Home investments are substantial, however, good insurance coverage is also essential. A good reason why you should consider an insurance plan is that it also provides you with some cover for liability in case of slip and fall accidents that take place on your premises.

Legal Liability for Road Rage


Not only reckless drivers are a hazard to other participants to traffic, aggressive ones are also a danger and they cause a large number of vehicle accidents every year. Violent behavior may be more frequent during rush hours or in traffic jams, however, drivers in California have no legal protection if they cause an accident simply because of a violent outburst. As a victim of this type of behavior, you can seek the help of one of our Los Angeles personal injury attorneys in order to solve the dispute.

Chemical Exposure and Workplace Injuries


Some jobs require individuals to work with hazardous substances that can, in time, affect one’s health and work capabilities. As a worker in a hazardous environment, you are entitled to protection against the chemicals and you can claim compensations if that protection was not provided and you were hurt as a result of this. One of our personal injury attorneys in Los Angeles can evaluate your case and determine what the potential of your claim is.

Financial Abuse of an Elderly Person


Elder abuse comes in many forms and while most of us would think that physical and emotional traumas are usually inflicted upon the old, financial abuse is also an unfortunate reality for many. The abuse that involves money and, in some extreme cases, extortion, is best handled with the help of a Los Angeles personal injury lawyer. A friend or family member can request the services of an attorney, even if just for a legal consultation if they suspect that an elderly individual they know of is being financially abused. 

What to Do If the Insurance Company Refuses to Pay a Claim


If you are injured in an accident, the insurer must treat your case in good faith and conduct a proper investigation of the circumstances in which the accident took place. Insurance companies may deny your claim for personal injury compensations in some cases. In order to do so, they may claim that you have no reasonable basis for your request but one of our personal injury lawyers in Los Angeles can help you gather the necessary evidence to prove that the insurer acted in bad faith.