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The Conditional Fee Agreement


The conditional fee agreement is a document concluded by many law firms that handle personal injury cases and other civil lawsuits. This is a financial arrangement that established the percentage to which the company/lawyer is entitled to after the client receives its settlement. Our Los Angeles personal injury attorneys will only charge you after you negotiated and received the settlement or received the final payment following a court decision.

The Advantages of Settlements


Many personal injury cases are settled before the case is taken to court. This early negotiation can provide a fast resolution to the case if the plaintiff and the defendant can agree upon a certain amount and stop any further legal action on the case. The settlement payment can be made all at once or in a number of pre-agreed installments. The arrangement will usually be negotiated to the advantage of the plaintiff who is the one who has the most to lose from the outcome of the accident. A personal injury lawyer in Los Angeles can help you negotiate during this phase.

Lost Wages Recovery for Self-Employed Individuals Hurt in Accidents


Self-employed individuals hurt in accidents who want to recover the lost payments they would have made will usually need to bring forward more substantial evidence when stating their case in front of the defendant. A personal injury lawyer in Los Angeles can help you make your claim for lost income if you were hurt in an accident and were afterwards unable to perform the work you do for a living.

Small Claims Court Lawsuits in California


Small claims lawsuits in California are filed in those cases where the damages do not exceed a certain amount. The plaintiff needs to carefully calculate a number of damages so that he may file a lawsuit in the appropriate court. The law of California prohibits individuals from making excessive claims more than twice a year. In order to make sure that you file a proper claim, you can contact a Los Angeles personal injury attorney.

Loss of Consortium as a Personal Injury Claim


Individuals who have lost a loved one in a personal injury accident can file a claim for loss of consortium. This type of claim includes more than losing the normal marital status and the benefits and companionship that come with it. The types of compensations awarded for this loss are linked to those awarded for pain and suffering. While monetary compensations are easily awarded and calculated, only an experienced team  of Los Angeles personal injury attorneys can help you make a claim for a more delicate matter like loss of companionship.

Wedding Slip and Fall Accidents in LA

Weddings are always planned carefully and the venues for the celebration are prepared to receive guests in a safe and pleasing environment. A wedding reception is the last place where you would picture a slip and fall accident. If you are injured in a wedding slip and fall accident in California it is important to know the applicable laws. Our Los Angeles personal injury attorneys can give you more details about the legislation and can help you obtain the rightful compensation.

Legal Representation in a Civil Lawsuit Related to a Personal Injury


Most personal injury cases are taken to court in a civil lawsuit, as opposed to a criminal trial. While it is possible for some situations to fall under criminal liability, like assault or murder, most personal injury trials take place when a defendant wishes to hold the plaintiff liable for a wrongdoing that resulted in important material damage. The aim of the civil lawsuit is to compensate the individual that suffered and in these cases the help of a personal injury lawyer in Los Angeles can be very important for the outcome of the trial.

Vehicle Accidents Involving Pregnant Women


Pregnant women are allowed not to wear a seatbelt or even avoid car seats where airbags are right in front of the stomach. While these are good measures to take in order to avoid putting unnecessary pressure on the womb, when involved in a car accident it is still safer for both the mother and the baby to wear a seatbelt. A Los Angeles personal injury attorney can help you obtain compensations if you are a pregnant woman who was injured in a vehicle or pedestrian accident in a Californian city.

Criminal Charges in Personal Injury Cases

Charges that are based on criminal law sentences differ from those based on civil law and are punishable in different ways, often with imprisonment. Three types of criminal offenses are possible: infractions, misdemeanors or felonies. While most personal injury cases in California fall under the category of civil cases, actions like assault or battery are judged differently. In their most serious form, criminal charges can include murder, as it can sometimes be regarded in medical malpractice cases.

Negligence in Vehicle Accidents: Texting vs. Drunk Driving

The State of California has strict laws regarding drunk driving but other activities, like texting while driving, can have the same potential for distraction and are an important cause of vehicle accidents in Los Angeles and other cities. In these types of accidents, the importance of negligence while driving is emphasized by the plaintiff who is trying to recover damages. You can obtain compensations for accidents that occur this way with the help of a team formed of L.A. personal injury attorneys.