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How Oversharing can Influence Your Personal Injury Case


What you choose to post on social media immediately after an accident can influence the outcome of your case. Oversharing information or sharing specific details can harm the case if you do not consider the specific implications of publicly sharing a specific piece of information. While you may want to share your accident story so that other may better protect themselves in a certain situation, you may want to talk to an Los Angeles personal injury attorney to find out if early-released photos or details can influence the outcome of your claim.

Farming Accidents


Working on a farm or a ranch can be dangerous. Workplace injuries can occur while doing the usual work required to operate machinery or even working with large animals. Injuries can be severe and, in some rarer cases, they can also be fatal. Several farms, orchards or ranches are located throughout the state of California and in the Los Angeles county. If you are injured in an accident that took place on a farm, you can request the help of our Los Angeles personal injury attorneys for obtaining compensations. 

Personal Injuries Caused by Non-Physicians


Certain small-scale procedures are often performed by non-physicians who have a certain degree of training to perform the surgery or intervention but lack the expertise and qualifications of a physician. Individuals injured during small laser procedures or other small routine surgeries can claim compensations for their injuries but may not be able to file a claim under a medical malpractice case. Our Los Angeles personal injury attorneys can help you in these types of cases.

Wrongful Death Claim Filed by the Surviving Relatives


Even if an individual injured in a personal injury accident does not survive the extent of the injuries, the law in California allows his family to seek justice and obtain monetary compensations. A wrongful death claim can be filed by the relatives of an individual who dies as a result of another’s negligence. One of our Los Angeles personal injury attorneys can help you find solace in the thought that the defendant’s actions were legally judged.

Compensations for Pedestrians Injured in Auto Accidents

Pedestrians injured in vehicle accidents have little protection from the impact and the extensive damage they can suffer. The injured individual can have a high rate of success at filing a claim for a personal injury and obtaining compensations. However, the liability of the driver can be limited if he can prove that the pedestrian was also negligent.

Filing a Cross Claim as a Plaintiff in a Personal Injury Case


A cross-claim may arise between two or more plaintiffs in a personal injury case or between two different defendants. This is separate from the actual claim made for personal injuries and it is also filed between parties that are on the same side during the original lawsuit. A common case in which multiple plaintiffs can file a cross-claim is a car pile-up vehicle accident in Los Angeles.

Compensations for Groups of Injured People


A large group of injured people can file a collective lawsuit against a company that has caused them damages or suffering. This is known as a class action lawsuit and it can be used in personal injury cases, under state or federal law. In California, one of our L.A. personal injury attorneys can help you if you were injured by a product, for example, a drug produced by a certain company, and you were not the only individual who has suffered from it.

Vehicle Accidents in Building Sites


Streets that are being under construction and other traffic areas like expressways or highways can present different types of injury dangers when they are being rehabilitated. Vehicle accidents can take place near building sites. If you are injured because of the hazards that occur near a construction zone, the construction company or the state government can be liable for the injuries.

Third-Party Individuals in Personal Injury Cases


Impleader is the process through which a defendant may bring a third party to a personal injury case who can also be responsible, through negligence or intentionally, for the damages and injuries of the plaintiff. This is an optional step and it is used to save time during a lawsuit. Alternatively, the defendant can start a separate lawsuit against the said party after the initial personal injury lawsuit is settled.

How to Collect the Compensation after a Personal Injury Trial

The aim of any personal injury claim is to obtain monetary compensations for your losses, both for physical injuries and the emotional strain. The payment is due either after the trial is won by the plaintiff or after the case is settled out of court. When the defendant won’t simply mail the check with the due amount, you must collect the compensation after a personal injury trial.