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Worker’s Compensation for Injured Athletes in California


The worker’s compensation plan in California is also available for injured athletes and professional sports teams should provide their athletes with this type of insurance. California is one of the few states that allows for compensations for cumulative trauma injuries under the worker’s compensation plan and as an athlete, you can benefit from these compensations. One of our Los Angeles personal injury attorneys can help you understand your rights in case of injury.

Large Compensations for Children Injured in School Bus Accidents in California


School buses are usually a safe manner of transportation for children of various ages. However, personal injury accidents are possible inside the bus and at the school bus stops. These types of injuries are serious incidents because they involve minors. If your child was injured inside a school bus or while waiting at a bus stop, you have the right to seek compensations with the help of our experienced Los Angeles personal injury attorneys.

The Primary Assumption of the Risk in Personal Injury Cases


In certain personal injury cases, the defendant may argue that he was not to blame for the injuries to the plaintiff because the latter took an assumed risk and understood that injuries may have arisen from his or her actions. These primary assumptions of the risk are usually stated in writing whenever an individual wishes to perform a risky activity such as extreme sports. A personal injury lawyer in Los Angeles can help you if you were involved in an accident that took place as a result of an activity with predictable risks. 

How can Arbitration be Used in Personal Injury Cases?


Some agreements include a special arbitration clause that helps the parties reach a mutual agreement, with no judicial action. The clauses can also be used in personal injury cases. In all situations in which arbitration is not an option or when the parties cannot agree on how to negotiate the case, an Los Angeles personal injury attorney can help you take the case to court.

Measures to Prevent Personal Injury Accidents Involving Pedestrians


The city of Santa Monica, California, is taking additional measures to protect pedestrians from accidents. The new pedestrian scrambles, or crossings, will be placed in key areas around highly transited routes and will allow individuals to cross in all directions. Because Santa Monica, like many other Californian cities, is very populated, pedestrian accidents are not uncommon. If you are injured in such an accident, our  Los Angeles personal injury attorneys can help you.

Recreational Vehicle Accidents


When you plan a weekend activity involving a recreational vehicle you do not expect any accidents or personal injuries arising from using that motorhome, camper trailer or ATV. These types of vehicles used for leisure activities on public roads or in nature are usually rented from a company that should ensure their good condition. If you are injured in a recreational vehicle accident, a personal injury attorney in Los Angeles can help you determine if the other party can be accused of negligence.