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Legal Claims in Case of Misdiagnosis


Medical malpractice cases can also involve misdiagnosis. This is a legitimate claim that can be made by a patient who suffered an aggravation of the disease because of an identification error. The patient must be able to prove that a relationship existed between him and the doctor and also that the medical professional was negligent and did not provide proper treatment based on a clear medical decision.

Auto Accidents on the Highway

Auto accidents that take place on the highway can be caused by poor or unrepaired infrastructure. Deteriorating portions of the road can cause not only collisions but they can also be judged as a wrongful death case. If you were injured while driving on a highway you can request the services of our Los Angeles personal injury attorneys to help represent your case.

The Patient’s Right to Access Medical Records for a Personal Injury Case


As a patient you have the right to access your medical records or those belonging to individuals for whom you are legally responsible. Certain circumstances do apply for the enforcement of this right so you should always seek specialised legal help from a team of Los Angeles personal injury attorneys if you want to access your medical records as proof in a personal injury case.

The Contingency Fee in California


In many personal injury cases the lawyer will charge the client according to a contingency fee. This represents a pre-established amount of the settlement or the compensation awarded to the plaintiff after the lawyer helped provide a favourable result in the case. California regulates this practice through the Business and Professions Code. When hiring a personal injury attorney in Los Angeles you should discuss this aspect beforehand. 

How to Defend Yourself in Case of a Frivolous Injury Lawsuit


Frivolous injury lawsuits are those claims that have little legal merit and stand small chances of being won. If you are the defendant in such a lawsuit you must know how to defend yourself and how to negate the claims made against you. Our team of Los Angeles personal injury attorneys can help you throughout the lawsuit.