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The Right to Recover all Medical Expenses has been Reviewed


After three personal injury victims were able to fully recover all of their medical expenses, the California Supreme Court decided to review all of the three cases and decide whether or not the victims should have been awarded full reimbursement. While some court decisions can be extremely beneficial for the victims, individuals should always rely on the help and expertise of our Los Angeles personal injury attorneys to solve any legal disputes.

The Three Foot Safety Zone for Bicyclists in California


The California Vehicle Code stipulates that individuals traveling on a bicycle on road also traveled by motorists benefit from a safety zone. This law entered into force as a means of trying to avoid the large number of bicycle accidents in the State of California. As a bicyclist injured by a car you can claim compensations with the help of a personal injury attorney in Los Angeles.

More personal injuries caused by bicycle accidents in California


According to a report issued by the University of California the number of injuries caused by bicycle accidents has risen over the last 15 years. Among the common types of injuries experts list head trauma and most of the victims are older Americans. As more adults are switching to this affordable means of transportation the number of accidents will continue to remain a problem.  If you are injured in such an accident you can claim compensations for your injuries and our Los Angeles personal injury attorneys can help you.

Proving Pain and Suffering Caused by an Accident


Insurance companies will use various measures to quantify the value of pain and suffering when calculating compensations. Because emotional trauma cannot be easily related to and valued, the injured individual might not receive the same amount for this type of injury as for the medical expenses caused by the accident. Regardless of the type of accident you were involved in, you can also ask for compensations for emotional distress. If you are having trouble obtaining these compensations, a team of Los Angeles personal injury attorneys can help you recover all of your damages, including those for pain and suffering.

The Final Offer in a Settlement or Negotiation

The negotiation process is important in any personal injury case if neither of the parties wants to take the case to court. This is the best time to make a final claim based on the injuries sustained in the accident and the damages caused by it. In some cases the damages can be substantial, like in spinal cord injuries and if the defendant or the insurance agency refuse to pay, you have the right to take legal action. A personal injury attorney in Los Angeles can help you throughout the final stages of the settlement negotiations so that you can obtain the entire promised amount.

How to Deal with Uninsured Motorist Cases


Not all those involved in a car accident in California have insurance coverage. If you are involved in an accident with another individual that has no insurance or has the minimum mandatory package you can use your own insurance to cover for this accident. However, if you have problems with your insurance company, a personal injury attorney in Los Angeles can help you.

Your Rights as a Sexual Harassment Victim


Victims of sexual harassment can suffer from physical injuries as well as emotional trauma. If you work in an environment where inappropriate and unwelcome sexual advances are common or where you feel threatened and humiliated you can take legal action. If you have been the victim of a sexual assault, a personal injury attorney in Los Angeles can help you seek legal justice.

Nursing Home Abuse: Wrong Medication Cases


Nursing home abuse is a serious case of personal injury and elderly individuals can suffer both from physical and emotional abuse while admitted into these types of facilities. Medication errors can sometimes occur in nursing homes and in these cases the fault must be attributed to the nursing home or to the medical practitioner who prescribed the wrong dosage or medicines.