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Personal Injuries at Sport Facilities in Los Angeles


Sport facilities or stadiums are places where accidents can happen, either in the facility itself or during a sport event. Regardless of the manner in which the accident took place, guests at such events expect to be in a safe environment and are entitled to claim compensations if injured in a sports venue. Our Los Angeles personal injury attorneys can help you if you are a victim but can also provide you with valuable legal counselling regarding liability if you are the owner of a sports stadium or other establishment.

Insurer refuses to pay the compensation. What to do?


When the insurer refuses to pay the compensations due to a client who was harmed in a certain way the individual can initiate a tort claim called insurance bad faith. According to law, insurance companies need to act in good faith towards their clients, deal fairly and not refuse to make payments in certain cases. When you are experiencing problems in communicating with your insurance company or when the insurance company refuses to pay you can call an Los Angeles personal injury attorney who can help you.

Worker’s Compensation Plan


The insurance cover offered by the employer to its workers is known in California as the worker’s compensation plan. If you are injured in a work accident or are exposed to dangerous products while working you are entitled to receive this type of insurance. In case of any accident, if the employer has failed to provide you with the adequate coverage, a personal injury attorney in Los Angeles can help you obtain the rightful compensations for your losses.

Gaining Compensations from Multiple Insurance Policies in California


When involved in a personal injury case in California you might be tempted to take advantage of multiple insurance policies to cover the expenses of the accident. This is called insurance policy “stacking” and while you might think that you can be entitled to because you are the client of that particular insurance company, an Los Angeles personal injury attorney can tell you specifically if and when you can do so.

Should You Tell Your Insurer Everything about a Personal Injury?


Insurance companies will offer you a wide range of options for covering accidents. However, when involved in a personal injury accident your insurer might not want to settle your claim for a large amount. When you are having trouble with your insurance agentone of our Los Angeles personal injury attorneys can help you obtain the rightful amount of compensations for your injury and loss.