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The Employer's/Employee's Serious and Willful Misconduct


Serious and willful misconduct is qualified under the Californian Law as a quasi-criminal act, with much more serious consequences than an act of negligence. Both the employer and the employee can be accused of such acts but there are certain differences regarding how the law applies in each case. Our Los Angeles personal injury attorneys can help you if you have been the victim of serious and willful misconduct.

Hefty Compensations for Californian Pedestrian Accidents

Pedestrian accidents can leave the victim traumatized for life. These types of crashes will oftentimes result in traumatic brain injuries or other forms of serious and debilitating injuries. This is why it is important to seek the help and representation of a professional Los Angeles personal injury attorney. Only with the help of a lawyer you can obtain the maximum amount of compensations which, in some cases, can be substantial.

Hunting Accidents


Hunting accidents comprise a large part of all the gun-related accidents in California. Depending on the circumstances in which an individual was shot while hunting, he may have the right to claim compensations for the wounds. Our personal injury attorneys in Los Angeles, California can give you complete information about your right to claim that another individual was negligent in a hunting activity.

The Pre-Existing Condition Argument Used by Insurers


A pre-existing condition can be used against the victim of a personal injury as a way for the insurer to pay less compensations. This can also be used by the defendant in court and it is best to know exactly how a previous illness or problem can influence your rights. personal injury attorney in Los Angeles can help you if you have insurance problems when claiming compensations.

The Advantages of the Disability Insurance


Disability insurance is a form of insurance that covers the beneficiary’s income/wages against the risk that a disability might prevent the individual from earning income. This type of insurance can provide short-term benefits or long-term benefits and it is particularly useful in case of personal injury accidents that influence the ability to work, like spinal cord injuries. A Los Angeles personal injury attorney can help you obtain compensations if you have been injured and your insurer refuses to give you disability insurance.