Personal Injuries Caused by Truck Accidents

Written by: Bridgewest

Personal-Injuries-Caused-by-Truck-Accidents.jpgDelivery trucks can sometimes be involved in vehicle accidents. An impact with a larger vehicle like a truck can cause significant damage and injuries to smaller vehicles and their occupants. The delivery truck driver ca be held liable for the accident but when filing a lawsuit, the lawyer will focus on obtaining compensations from the delivery company that employed the driver.

Delivery trucks involved in vehicle accidents

Delivery trucks serve a wide range of companies and they can carry various goods. Their size will depend on the items delivered. Examples include mail delivery trucks, food delivery trucks, a truck used for the delivery of furniture or various tools.
It might seem like the type of truck is not essential but depending on the cargo and its size, this type of vehicle has the potential to create more damage than others. Items can fall off a delivery truck on the road and cause vehicle accidents, and a large delivery truck can be even more dangerous. Underride collisions with trucks are among the most devastating and also the ones that cause most deaths in truck accident cases.
Causes for delivery truck accidents can include distracted or intoxicated driving. The risk of an accident is increased by the size of the truck that can lead to roadblocks or sudden stops.

Compensations for injuries in track accidents

As the victim of a truck accident you can ask for compensations for:
- the medical bills for the injuries sustained in the accident and the subsequent treatment,
- personal property loss like damages to the car,
- emotional trauma after the accident.
Los Angeles personal injury attorney can help you start the negotiation process with the delivery company and, if the company refuses the initial compensation and settlement, a lawyer can help you file a lawsuit against the defendant.
If you are injured in a California city like Long Beach, Riverside or San Diego, one of our Los Angeles personal injury attorneys can investigate your case and provide you with an expert evaluation of the type of compensations you are entitled to after the accident.