Organizing Evidence After an Accident

Written by: Bridgewest

Organizing-Evidence-After-an-Accident.jpgThe aftermath of a personal injury accident can be confusing and emotionally painful but how well you can remember the details of the accident can be crucial to the development of the personal injury lawsuit or the negotiations for a settlement. Our Los Angeles personal injury attorneys advise you to write down and organize the evidence and everything you remember as soon as possible after the accident.

The victim’s written evidence

The victim’s testimony is the most important part of a personal injury case. With a few exceptions, like in a severe injury case in which the victim sustained a brain injury and has an impaired memory, the personal injury claim will rely on the details provided by the defendant.
The first step after being injured in an accident is seeking adequate medical care. If, however, you are not severely injured and have only sustained material damages, like in a vehicle accident, you could try to take pictures immediately after the crash which will be used to present the site of the accident.
You can try to note down everything you see and hear as well as retrace your actions after the incident. Written documentation, together with other types of evidence like footage or pictures, can make the difference while negotiating your claim.

Information included in the evidence

If you are unable to take notes yourself but are still conscious and a family member or a friend is with you, you can ask them to document the aftermath of the accident. After your medical condition is stable, you or someone close to you should contact a personal injury attorney. An expert will be able to help you sort and use the evidence as best as you can.
The type of information your should include and organize consist of:
- the chronological summary of the events,
- data about the vehicle and people involved: license plate numbers, car model and colour, the names of the passengers and eyewitnesses,
- the names of the paramedics, physicians and nurses who treated you,
- details about the drugs and treatments administered (also useful for a medical malpractice case).
The personal injury claim starts as soon as the accident took place and the first step is gathering evidence right at the scene of the incident. One of our Los Angeles personal injury attorneys can help you throughout the process and provide you with valuable advice and guidance.