How to Deal with Uninsured Motorist Cases

Written by: Bridgewest

How-to-Deal-with-Uninsured-Motorist-Cases.jpgNot all those involved in a car accident in California have insurance coverage. If you are involved in an accident with another individual that has no insurance or has the minimum mandatory package you can use your own insurance to cover for this accident. However, if you have problems with your insurance company, our Los Angeles personal injury attorneys can help you.

Uninsured motorist coverage in your insurance policy

According to law, auto insurance policies concluded in the State of California must have a special clause which covers exactly those cases when the insured individual is involved in an accident with another, uninsured party. The only case in which the insurance company can claim not to pay this type of compensation is if you have signed a release or waiver so that the coverage will not be applicable. 
A personal injury lawyer can help you obtain information from the California Department of Motor Vehicles about the other party’s insurance coverage, if applicable. Even if the defendant has insurance coverage it might still no be enough to cover the damages and expenses after an auto accident. This is an under-insured motorist claim and in these cases the defendant can exhaust the limits on his/her insurance and then have the insurance company pay the remaining amount. 

Make claims in an accident with an uninsured motorist

In any vehicle accident, especially in those cases where the defendant cannot pay for the compensations, it is important that the parties agree upon the payable amount. The negotiation phase is very important and you can use the help of a personal injury attorney during this step. You must include all the costs associated with the accident, present and future medical costs and those related to the damages brought to the vehicle itself.
A team of Los Angeles personal injury attorneys will take all the reasonable steps to make sure that you obtain the maximum amount of compensations. If this is not possible, he will also assist you throughout other phases including arbitration or trial.