What to Do in Case of Medical Malpractice Related to Drugs

Written by: Bridgewest

What-to-Do-in-Case-of-Medical-Malpractice-Related-to-Drugs.jpgMedical malpractice cases can also involve defective drugs. These types of personal injury cases refer to the physician’s inability to prescribe appropriate medicine for a particular illness but they can also refer to severe side effects of medicinal products that could have been or should have been foreseen by the doctor. Our personal injury attorneys in Los Angeles can help you if you have been injured or have sustained diseases as a result of a defective medicinal product.

Personal injury related to prescription drugs

When people ask their doctor for medicine the last thing they expect is that that particular drug will bring them more harm than good. Yet it is possible for some drugs, if administered incorrectly, to have severe side effects. When the patient cannot be blamed for administering a drug inappropriately, then the attention turns to the doctor: can negligence be attributed to the physician who didn’t administer the right type or dose of treatment? Or did he or he failed to consider other illnesses of the patient and the dangers of drug interactions?
When a doctor has administered you a defective pharmaceutical product, one of our Los Angeles personal injury attorneys can help you make a claim against the physician or, if the case requires it, against the manufacturer of that medicinal drug.

Making a defective pharmaceutical product claim

A defective drug personal injury case can fall under the general category of defective product. In this case, the manufacturer of the drug can be held responsible, especially if you administered the drug as an over-the-counter medicine (without medical prescription).
When a doctor administered you the drug, the negligence can no longer be attributed to you. He or she was liable for reading the label on the medicine and acknowledging any side effects or warnings. Defective drug cases can even occur if that medicine was stored improperly. In this case fault can also be attributed to the hospital and the staff who failed to observe the storing conditions. 
Contact our Los Angeles personal injury attorneys if you have suffered from disease or complications as a result of using a defective drug. You have the right to claim compensations for the additional medical bills, the pain and suffering from the side effects or even for wrongful death.