Lost Earning Capacity after an Accident

Written by: Bridgewest

Lost-Earning-Capacity-after-an-Accident.jpgPeople who are involved in serious accidents can sometimes be left with traumatic injuries that will make it impossible for them to perform the work they used to. In a personal injury case this is known as lost earning capacity and it gives the victim the right to claim additional compensations for the lost amount. Our Los Angeles personal injury attorneys can help you if you have been injured and have lost your earning capacity.

Proving lost earning capacity

A person involved in an accident can sustain serious spinal cord injuries. These types of injuries will most likely alter the life of the patient and he or she will not be able to return to his or her normal life right after the accident. In these cases the individual will also lose the ability to work or work the same as he used to.
Lost earning capacity refers to this inability to earn income after having sustained a personal injury. Because this is an event that affects the life of the victim, and possibly the lives of others if the victim was a caregiver, he or she is entitled to claim extra compensations for the damages.
A team of  Lso Angeles personal injury attorneys can help you build your case and claim compensations based on how the injury has influenced your ability to work and derive income. A professional will be able to review your skills, talents and work profile. Together with a medical assessment you will be able to prove in court that the injury has deprived you of your normal earning ability.

Difference between lost earning capacity and loss of income

Lost earning capacity should not be confused with loss of income – which is only temporary during the healing period after an accident. The lost income before a person returns to work is easier to be estimated and calculated whereas the lost earning capacity is harder to quantify and calculate.
A Los Angeles personal injury attorney will be able to help you calculate the amount of compensations you are entitled to if you have sustained injuries that permanently influence your work.