Loss of Income after a Personal Injury

Written by: Bridgewest

Loss-of-Income-after-a-Personal-Injury.jpgVictims of car accidents or other events that can be cataloged as personal injury cases can claim compensations for much more than their physical pain and trauma. Loss of income represents another damage that occurs to the victim after the accident. With the help of a personal injury attorney in Los Angeles you can claim the right monetary compensations.

What is loss of income?

Loss of income represents the lost wages or other benefits that are lost as a result of the victim’s inability to work after the accident. This can be temporary, as long as the individual recovers from a pedestrian accident, for example. If you are a victim who hasn’t been able to work for some time after the accident you can recover the payment you would have been entitled to during those lost work hours.
In most cases, victims will have no problems obtaining monetary compensations for their lost wages. However, in each personal injury case, the fault for the accident must be determined before the victim can claim compensations.
Other types of accidents can cause permanent disabilities. A victim that has suffered spinal cord injuries will most likely never be able to work as well as before, if at all. In these serious cases, an experienced personal injury lawyer can help you obtain compensations for lost earning capacity.

How can our Los Angeles personal injury attorneys help you?

Our Los Angeles personal injury attorneys are experienced with dealing with all types of personal injury cases. In order to receive the right compensations, a victim needs to prove that the accident has caused the victim to miss work. A personal injury lawyer will be able to gather evidence like work record and statements from the employer. The individual’s monetary compensation can be easily calculated based on his/her wages. 
Claiming compensations for lost income is a relatively simple procedure and any victim of a personal injury should make these claims and not settle just for receiving compensations for the medical bills. 
You can contact our personal injury attorneys in Los Angeles if you have been involved in an accident in California and need help obtaining compensations. We can help you file a lawsuit after the accident.