Medical Malpractice Injuries: "Never Events"


"Never events" are outstanding medical errors that are very rare and can cause tremendous additional suffering to the victim. They include human errors in fields like actual medical care, diagnosis, and treatment. A Los Angels motorcycle accident attorney can help you if you were injured after this type of accident and have received inadequate medical care.

How the Claim for Non-Economic Damages can be Influenced by Different Factors

When victims of personal injury accidents pursue a pain and suffering claim, the manner in which they present their case, as well as a set of other factors, can influence the total settlement, if any, for the pain and suffering they have experienced after the accident. Our team of Los Angeles personal injury lawyers talks about the most common causes that can influence your case.

Can You Obtain Compensations for Mental Anguish after an Accident?


Compensations for mental anguish are awarded as a means of making up for the manner in which the accident affected the victim on a mental level. Depression, severe anxiety, extreme grief are all examples of what can qualify as mental anguish. When you are looking to obtain these types of non-economic damages, one of our Los Angeles personal injury lawyers can help you.

What Happens if You Try to Fraud the Insurance System About a Personal Injury


Insurance fraud takes place when an individual or company tries to obtain a benefit or advantages that should not be theirs or when they try to deny such benefit or advantage to which another individual or company is entitled. This type of fraud can occur in auto accidents and victims of personal injury accidents should know when or if they are entitled to claim insurance benefits so that they can avoid falling into one of the situations that are considered fraudulent in California. One of our Los Angeles personal injury lawyers can help you with adequate legal counseling if you are trying to claim insurance benefits.

Maximum Medical Improvement in a Personal Injury Case


Maximum medical improvement after a personal injury accident is reached when the victim can no longer develop a further improved health state. This means that the condition of the individual is now stable and he can pursue a legal claim for the injuries. This term is especially relevant in worker compensation claims. One of our Los Angeles personal injury attorneys can help you claim compensations once your medical condition has improved.

Who is Responsible for Child Bicycle Accidents?


Bicycle accidents are not uncommon, especially in highly transited urban areas like Los Angeles and other Californian cities. Injuries occurred after this type of accident can range in severity, however, the nature of the case becomes more sensitive when the victim is a child, a minor. When children suffer bicycle accidents, and not the simple knee scratches, who is to blame and who can be accused of negligence? Our team of Los Angeles personal injury lawyers can assist parents and their children who have been injured while they were out and bout on their bicycles. 

The Right to Compromise a Minor’s Claim


Minors involved in personal injury accidents are entitled to obtain a rightful settlement but they lack the ability to enter into a written contract for that settlement. For this purpose, a petition is needed either by the parent or by the legal guardian in order to confirm that the settlement is final. This is known as the minor’s compromise and, in fact, it is not a compromise to the settlement amount but rather a formal acknowledgment made not by the minor but by a consenting adult. One of our Los Angeles personal injury attorneys can help you during this stage if your minor child was involved in an accident.

Why Can a Personal Injury Attorney Reject Your Case?

While a case rejection is not often the case, personal injury attorneys can turn down clients for a number of reasons. This article explores some of the most common reasons why a lawyer will decide not to take your case. It is always useful to reach out to a professional and you can do this regardless of the manner in which the case evolves from onwards. Our team of Los Angeles personal injury attorneys can help you with an initial consultation. 

The Complexity of Traumatic Brain Injury Cases

Brain injury cases are some of the most complex ones that can result in a personal injury accident. The nature of these injuries makes it harder to detect them in the first place and, even more, it makes it difficult to assess their full impact. As a result, it is often challenging to calculate the settlement based on how the victim’s life will be altered by the brain injury. Our team of Los Angeles personal injury lawyers can assist you in brain injury cases.

The Independent Medical Examination Requested by the Defendant


In personal injury cases, the victim can state that his or her physical and mental health and integrity have been compromised because of the accident. When this happens, the defendant can request an independent medical examination, meaning that the plaintiff will need to undergo specific procedures performed by a medical professional hired by the defendant. The help of one of our Los Angeles personal injury lawyers can be important when preparing the meeting with this examiner so that your claim should not suffer following this additional investigation.

New Laws for the Use of Recreational Drugs in California


Starting on January 1st, 2018, recreational marijuana became legal in California. While it may seem that this changes the manner in which personal injury lawyers in Los Angeles will treat vehicle accidents caused by drug abuse from now it is still very important to note that using the recreational drug while driving or driving under the influence is still punishable by law. 

How are Settlements Awarded in Case of Victims Who are Minors?


When the personal injury victim is a minor (a child under the age of 18), the monetary settlements that will be awarded for him or her need to be approved by Court and a guardian will also be appointed by the Court in order to commence the legal actions and follow the best interest of the child. Our team of Los Angeles personal injury lawyers can help you if a minor child has been the victim of a personal injury accident and monetary compensations are pursued after the accident.

Making a Claim Against a Security Guard


Although less common among personal injury cases that include assault and battery, physical attacks by bouncers and security guards can leave the victims with substantial victims, particularly because these agents are trained to defuse a fight or an altercation. Patrons who are attacked by a security guard or a club bouncer with no justifiable cause are entitled to compensations for the medical bills. Our team of Los Angeles personal injury lawyers can help represent in in these types of cases, especially if you are having a difficult time getting you claim through. 

Pursuing a Wrongful Death Case by a Non-Family Member in California


In most wrongful death cases it is the family that is left to find justice for the death of their loved one. But what happens to victims who let no family behind? Can a non-family member file a wrongful death suit and lawfully compensate for the untimely death of an individual? Our team of Los Angeles personal injury lawyers talk about the laws in California that allow non-family members to seek justice in wrongful death cases.

Determining Liability in Side-Impact Vehicle Accidents


Side-impact vehicle accidents are a common type of accident yet determining liability in these cases will differ from other types of collisions where traditionally it is much easier to establish who is at fault. Our team of Los Angeles personal injury lawyers can help you establish the degree of fault in side-impact crashes and obtain rightful compensations for your injuries.

The Qualifications of an Expert Witness


Expert witnesses as brought to help in those personal injury cases where a qualified professional can shed a new light on the facts related to the case. However, not any professional brought in for consultation on a personal injury case will be able to produce a testimony that can be used in court. The federal law demands a set of special qualifications for an expert witness. One of our personal injury lawyers in Los Angeles can help you hire such an expert if the case demands it.

The Distracted Driving Law in California


The State of California has had various attempts at developing a law that would prevent drivers from using their mobile phones while behind the wheel, thus cutting down the number of distracted driving accidents. The latest version of the Distracted Driving Law is the most prohibitive one used to date and it completely bans the use of smartphones while driving. Our team of Los Angeles personal injury lawyers describes the main provisions of this law.

Compensations for Soft Injuries


For the purpose of a personal injury case, soft injuries are those sustained by muscles, tendons or ligaments. These can be the result of a trauma sustained in a car crash or a serious slip and fall. The compensations for soft injuries will generally be lower than those for more serious ones and a comparison is often made in personal injury cases for the purpose of calculating the damages. One of our Los Angeles personal injury attorneys can help you claim compensation for these less serious and often ignored types of injuries.

Should you Hire a Lawyer for Minor Car Accident Injuries?


Not all auto accidents result in serious or debilitating injuries. Many small-scale vehicle accidents don’t seem to be worth the time or the bother. But as victims can, unfortunately, find out later, calling a lawyer even in minor injury cases is a good practice that can help you in the long run. Our Los Angeles motorcycle accident attorneys will not charge you until you get your settlement. It is well worth your time to try and schedule a meeting with a lawyer as soon as possible after the accident.

Permanent Disability Benefits Following a Personal Injury Accident


Victims of personal injury accidents that result in permanent disability, even temporarily, are entitled to special benefits for disability. In California, the state has specific laws for the amounts that may be awarded in these cases. One of our Los Angeles personal injury attorneys can help you claim the permanent disability benefits much needed after an accident that has severely impacted your life.

Who Can You Sue for Improper Road Signage?


Negligence is one of the most frequent causes of vehicle accidents in Los Angeles and other cities throughout California. While in some cases the negligent party is another driver, sometimes improper road construction or deterioration may cause car crashes. If this is the case, then who can you sue for improper road signage? The state or the local authorities? Our Los Angeles personal injury lawyers can help you determine who is responsible for an accident that occurred due to improper road conditions and signage. 

Your Options if the Worker's Compensation Plan was Denied


Victims injured in workplace accidents have the option of asking for their worker’s compensation plan. But what can you do when the employer and/or the insurance company denies this claim? One of our Los Angeles personal injury lawyers can help you decide on the most suitable option when your worker’s compensation plan is rejected or denied.

What to Do if Accused of Faking the Injury

It is not uncommon for insurance companies to use any strategy possible to diminish or even invalidate your claim. If the insurance company adjuster finds something in your statement that seems contradictory to the events, you can be accused of faking the injury. Should this happen, your claim may be denied. One of our Los Angeles personal injury attorneys can help you prepare the evidence from the beginning so that negotiating with the insurance claim adjuster becomes easier.

Ride-sharing Personal Injury Accidents

With ride-sharing platforms becoming more popular, people are enjoying the benefits of reducing costs for transportation but they are still susceptible to car accidents. Ride sharing is a convenient way to get around cities like Los Angles but what rights do you have as the victim of a car accident in which such a car was involved? Our Los Angeles personal injury attorneys help answer your questions about car accidents in which shared cars are involved. 

Worker's Compensation for Employee's Travel Personal Injuries


Workers who are injured while traveling for business purposes may be eligible for worker’s compensation plan for the medical expenses associated with their injuries and the lost wages. This plan is designed to cover all types of injuries the employee suffers from while performing his job duties, including those sustained while traveling. Negotiating with the insurance company and the employer is important in these cases and you may want to request the help provided by one of our Los Angeles personal injury attorneys.